August 20, 2018 -
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Meet the Trainers

Personal Trainers
of the Kaiserman JCC

If anybody can pump you up, it's gonna to be these guys!
All trainers are nationally certified by: American Council in Exercise (ACE), American Aerobic Association International/International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA), and National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). They are also CPR & AED certified.



Roberta Kitchenoff, Fitness Director


 Ed Holland

Ed Holland 

Ed is a certified personal trainer with 25 years of training experience. He is a certified Master Trainer with AAAI/ISMA and has a certificate in Sports Nutrition with AAAI. He is a veteran of the National Guard and has over 20 years experience as a self defense and martial arts instructor. Ed works with individuals on nutritional counseling, proper use of equipment, proper form for exercise, and developing custom fitness programs tailored to an individuals needs. Ed also works with people with disabilities and special needs and is a patient and motivating trainer.


Dr. Joel Clyman

"Scientific", "holistic", "individualized," and "varied" best describe Dr. Clyman's approach to fitness. He is a lifelong runner and weight lifter with nearly 20 years of yoga practice experience. Since retiring from dentistry, he became a certified health coach, yoga instructor, and personal trainer. Inspired by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, author of the best-seller Aerobics, Dr. Clyman received his personal training certification from the world renowned Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Clyman also completed workshops in Health Conditions and Exercise (with a focus on seniors) and in Functional Fitness Training at The Cooper Institute. He is listed on the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals. 

Since January 2015, Dr. Clyman has enjoyed sharing his knowledge of health, nutrition and exercise with everyone at Kaiserman JCC. He is also an accomplished pianist and an opera lover. He lives with his wife, Cindy, and his favorite athlete, their feline companion, Mae.



Jonathan Reuveni

Jonathan's fitness background stems from the early age of 16; starting with no knowledge of the weight room other than calisthenics (body weight exercises). He learned early on the difficulty of building muscle and losing weight.  He would take the extra step and run track, as well as play football to give himself the extra boost. 

Jonathan has a good base of knowledge on how to train intensely and how to train for endurance. To him, "fitness is not a goal; it's a journey."   Whatever your goal may be, know that he will help you progress further than you were yesterday.  His personal goal is to improve the overall quality of your life through fitness.


Brian Jackson


Emily McKenna