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EZFacility Registration at the Kaiserman JCC

EZFacility Registration at the Kaiserman JCC

We are so excited to announce that we have moved our registration system over to EZ facility!

You may already have an account with us, even if you’ve never visited the new site. If you know what email you would have on file at the J, try to log in with that email and reset your password. If you can’t remember what email may be on file, most likely the system will still identify your information. If not, that is okay too! If you are new here, or are not sure if we have you on file, please make a new account!

Before you register or purchase anything, please make sure that you add your family members to your profile. Note: if you are adding a child, you can use your email for their profile.

Click here for detailed visual instructions!



Once you are all set up with your family members in your account you can begin registering! Make sure to click around the different tabs to see all of the different programming we offer!

Summer Swim Membership: Click “Buy” and then “Memberships”. You can then filter for membership type (family, individual, etc.) Once you’ve purchase your membership, to pay now for it, you will click “My Invoices” and filter the date for the future. Then click “Pay now” Otherwise, our system will charge your credit on the first active day of your membership.

Private Swim Lessons: First purchase a package of lessons. Click “Buy” and then “Packages”. Once purchased, you can book your lessons as you wish (you must book these individually – but you do not need to choose the same time or day for every lesson). Click “Book Sessions”. Swim lessons begin in June, please make sure the calendar is showing you the correct month to book. You can filter by instructor by clicking the icon that looks like a person (the instructors are at the bottom of the list). You can also filter by day, dates, or times! To check out your scheduled lessons, click “My Schedule” and then filter to show future bookings. Booked lessons can be rescheduled 24 hours prior to lesson time. Lesson packages can be shared between siblings. If you buy more than one package, your count will be 6 and will reset once fully booked.

Group Swim Lessons and J-Swim (non-competitive swim team): Click “Registrations” and use the “sport” filter to find “Aquatics”

After-school Enrichment Classes: Click “registrations” and use the “sport” filter to find “Enrichment”

Gems at the J Programs: Click “registrations” and use the “sport” filter to find Gems program types – ie “Gems | Clubs”