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Robert J. Wilf Preschool and Kindergarten

Learn more about the Robert J. Wilf Preschool and Kindergarten

The Robert J. Wilf Preschool and Kindergarten at the Kaiserman JCC in Wynnewood offers a nurturing, child-centered environment. Infants through accredited Kindergarten classes are complemented by gym class, music class, gymnastics, creative movement, weekly Shabbat celebration and more. The teaching staff honors the uniqueness of each child, celebrating individual potential, and helping children question and discover. Maintaining a high standard of excellence is supported by teachers’ participation in professional development. The emergent curriculum permits learning activities that arise from each child’s interests, encouraging feelings of security and confidence in an age-appropriate atmosphere where each child feels free to explore, play, observe, question and make discoveries. Jewish heritage, values and traditions are celebrated, instilling a positive identity in each child. Plus, tuition includes a family membership to use our pools in the Summer! Equal Opportunity Care Provider.

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Creative Curriculum

The most important goals of our preschool curriculum are for children to get along well with others and become enthusiastic learners. Learn more about the Creative Curriculum® here.

Sheva: Early Learning Framework

We are very excited to introduce a new framework for Early Childhood Educators, Sheva. The seven core elements of Sheva are firmly rooted in the latest research in child development. Learn more about Sheva

Our Staff

Our school is a place where children learn and grow with support from nurturing professional educators. Our teachers are committed to honoring the uniqueness of each child and celebrating their individual potential. We also support and empower parents, clearly understanding that they are a child’s first and most important teachers. Learn more about our staff here.


Each week, your child will work with a variety of specialists that create new experiences and fun for the children in our program. Specials include: Creative Movement, Gymnastics, Physical Education, Music, and Shabbat!

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Kaiserman JCC is committed to admitting to programs and providing services to children and adults without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, age, sex or national origin including limited English proficiency. Program services shall be made accessible to eligible persons with disabilities through the most practical and economically feasible methods available. These methods include but are not limited to equipment redesign the provision of aids and the use of alternative service delivery locations. Structural modifications shall be considered only as a last resort among available methods. Any individual or guardian of a minor child who believes they have been discriminated against may file a complaint of discrimination with the Kaiserman JCC.


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Amy Foster

CPO & Preschool Director

(610) 896-7770 x118

Amy Foster CPO & Preschool Director Hometown: Scarsdale, NY Favorite Jewish Holiday: Passover Favorite Philly Food: Water Ice I can say without hesitation that the Robert J. Preschool and Kindergarten…

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Evin Rezavker

Director of Teaching and Learning

(610) 896-7770 x170

Evin Rezavker Director of Teaching and Learning Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Favorite Jewish Holiday: Hanukkah Favorite Philly Food: John’s Water Ice (Mango) I am very excited to be in my first…

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Natalie O’Brien

Assistant Preschool Director

(610) 896-7770 x119

Natalie O’Brien Assistant Preschool Director Hometown: Havertown, PA Favorite Jewish Holiday: Purim Favorite Philly Food: Soft Pretzels I have been working at the Kaiserman JCC for almost 27 years! It…

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