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Best of the Philly J 2022 Staff Awards

Best of the Philly J 2022 Staff Awards

This form is for Kaiserman JCC Staff only – Please fill out the form only once!


We will announce winners and give out awards at L’chaim! A toast to the Kaiserman JCC’s 50th anniversary (our annual meeting) on December 15 at 7pm.

Let us know you’re coming and learn more here!

Eligible Staff Members:

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Aaron Kessler – Assistant Teacher
Amanda Wilson – Assistant Teacher
Anika Ruud – Lead Teacher
Aunyee Baldwin – Assistant Teacher
Barrie Mittica – Director of Engagement
Bonnie Widger – Assistant Teacher
Brenda Portillo – Assistant Teacher
Byron Fersner – Building Supervisor
Curtisha Neal – Lead Teacher
Darren Rabinowitz – Diller Teen Fellows Coordinator
Elizabeth Lara Lopez – Assistant Teacher
Elizabeth Bronson – Assistant Teacher
Emily Magier – Marketing Director
Evelyn Avecillas – Lead Teacher

Evin Rezavker – Director of Curriculum, Development, and Retention
Faye Warsavage – Lead Teacher
Hannah Graham – Events and Marketing Coordinator
Jamie Feinstein – Director of Health and Wellness
John Cherry – Assistant Teacher
Jordan Bravato – Camp Kef Director
Karen Rosenfeld – Assistant Teacher
Kelly Flury – Lead Teacher
Kenneth Graham – Facilities Manager
Kimber Hamilton – Lead Teacher
Lesley Gotlib – Lead Teacher
Lihi Moskow – Lead Teacher
Lori Hummel – Office Manager
Maria Loja – Assistant Teacher
Maria Voight – Assistant Teacher
Marianne Shiber – Lead Teacher
Marsha Millman – Assistant Teacher

Martina Morgan – Lead Teacher
Matthew Martin – Youth/Family Program Manager
Michael Berton – Manager of Development and HR
Natalie O’Brien – Assistant Preschool Director
Patrick McFillin – Assistant Teacher
Rosa Calle – Assistant Teacher
Ruth Santone – Assistant Teacher
Salem Wube – Substitute Teacher
Samantha O’Malley – Assistant Teacher
Sandra Kassie – Assistant Teacher
Sara Rubin – Assistant Teacher
Stephon Freeman – Assistant Teacher
Tammy Roberts – Lead Teacher
Taylor Deniken – Lead Teacher
Valencia Chang – Gymnastics Coach
Yadira Avendono – Assistant Teacher
Yusef Shah – Subsitute Teacher