August 4, 2020 -
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Youth Programs


Youth Programs @ the J

Kaiserman JCC offers exciting options for your school-age child before and after the school day.

Kids Time is our signature after-school care program. Known throughout the Lower Merion School District as "the place for your child to be" when the school day is over, Kids Time picks your child up at school and brings them to the JCC.  Fun-filled activities such as swim, gym time, outdoor play as often as possible, art, cooking and more.  Above all...NO TV and NO hand-held video games!  An active and safe place for your child to be with friends until you pick them up at 6 pm.

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More for Kids at the J

In addition to these before and after care programs, the JCC has a large range of athletic programs, swim classes, basketball leagues, judo, hip-hop dance and more for school-age kids. Click here to see more.

Check out our array of Youth Sports - programs developed by the Kaiserman JCC to get your couch potato away from the TV and doing something healthy. Activities are non-competitive physical games and include agility training, volleyball, gymnastics, martial arts, basketball and more. Click here to see more.

The JCC offers J-Day vacation day programs during times when your Lower Merion school is closed for holidays.  Kids enjoy a full day of fun and friends, enabling you to parents to be able to work instead of taking the day off.

For more information contact 610-896-7770 x121