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Three Diller Teen Fellow Grant Awardees!


Dear Friends,

I am so excited to share that three of our Diller Teen Fellows were selected for the Dr. Maurice and Ruth Alexander Tikkun Olam Grant Awardees. This is a grant partnership we forged this year between the JCC, Philadelphia’s Diller Teen Fellows and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. Each of these Fellows received funds that will be going toward three incredible and well deserving projects, Below you will find a blurb from each of them about their plans.

Shabbat Shalom,

For my Diller Impact Project, I will be developing an early literacy center at G.W Childs. G.W Childs is a K-8 Title I school in South Philadelphia, where I live. Just last year, they got their library open again with the help of volunteers, but their library lacks appropriate furniture and books for the younger students at the school. For my project, I will be updating the library with a focus on making sure there are adequate resources for younger students. I will be using the money I was granted to facilitate additional fundraisers, buy new furniture, and purchase reading games/board books for younger students. I am honored to have received this grant and hope to bring a lot of good to the students at Childs with the money I have received!

Sarah Currie (She/Her)

For my impact project, I decided to raise awareness for and support trans youth in Philadelphia. As a trans person myself, I hope to help provide the type of resources I have received to other trans youth. When I came out about a year ago my experience was good and everyone in my life was very supportive, once I actually got up the courage to tell them. A lot of trans people do not have this experience though. Many trans kids are not understood by their families and friends and sometimes they are even kicked out of their homes. Those of us not in that position need to help those who are. I am very grateful for the funding I have received from the Alexander Grant Fund. This will make it so I can help support trans youth through fundraisers and volunteering. I plan on sharing more information on how to get involved in the coming weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact me at levine_impactproject@icloud.com.

Leora Levine (They/Them)

Rise Against Hunger is a growing global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives, and responding to emergencies. I am bringing Rise Against Hunger to the Lower Merion community for my impact project, providing opportunities for families to give back. On November 19th, 2023, volunteers will come and package meals that will be distributed to communities in need. Forty to sixty volunteers will be involved throughout the day to create 10,152 meals. In order for Rise Against Hunger to come to Lower Merion and make meals, a great deal of money is needed to be raised. Therefore, I plan to raise money for Rise Against Hunger to facilitate a program in our community. I was so fortunate to receive the Dr. Maurice and Ruth Alexander Tikkun Olam Grant which will greatly help this amazing organization come here. I will also be creating different fundraising events, like cooking classes and Mother daughter challah braiding classes, to help raise money for this incredible event. Please consider donating or volunteering. I am available to answer any questions: s019107@students.lmsd.org.

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Ella Hoffman (She/Her)