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The Kaiserman JCC Stands with Israel


Dear Friends,

As we navigate these challenging times, we want to take a moment to reflect on the various programs and initiatives we have undertaken to show our unwavering support for both our local and Israeli communities. With some events already behind us, we’d like to share how we have been engaging in Israeli culture, creating spaces for working through emotions, and bringing the community together.

Recent Programs:

  • 10/11 – We hosted the Philly Stands with Israel gathering with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia on our campus, to stand with Israel as a community along side Governor Josh Shapiro and several other special guests.
  • 10/15 – Conversation with Diller Teens: We had an enlightening discussion led by our Diller Program coordinator, giving voice to the perspectives of our Diller teens and encouraging questions about the war.
  • 10/15 – Holding Space for Hope: Our recent community gathering, led by two therapists, provided a safe and supportive environment for sharing emotions and finding hope during these challenging times.
  • 10/19 – Preschool Conversation with Sigal Barzilay: Sigal Barzilay, a Behavioral Parent Trainer, offered guidance on how to communicate with children during these trying times.

Upcoming and Ongoing Programs:

  • 11/12 – Hope Matters with Dr. Oded Adomi-Leshem: Dr. Oded Adomi-Leshem will soon present his latest work on the political and psychological impact of hope, offering valuable insights into the power of hope.
  • 11/13 – Lunch & Learn with Maureen Krause: This program will be an opportunity to discuss the importance of emotional health and strategies for coping and healing in difficult times, so please mark your calendars.
  • Reflective Movement – Healing Dance for Women: Our four-week program for healing through dance continues to offer a space for women to come together and move through emotions on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.
  • Hebrew Space: Join us every Thursday afternoon to practice and speak Hebrew, connecting with Israeli culture, and others from the community.
  • Lobby Resource Table: Community members can make a card to send to Israel, take a blue Ribbon to show support, find information on organizations facilitating donations, community events, and more.
  • Program for Israeli Families Relocating to the Area: Our Robert J. Wilf Preschool and Kindergarten has extended a warm welcome to Israeli families fleeing the conflict. We have already enrolled six new friends, with more expected in the coming weeks. These families are not only looking for childcare but also a place where their children can feel safe and secure. Our community has rallied around them, offering support in various forms, including clothing, household supplies, transportation, and connections within the community. On November 12 we will also host wellness experiences for these families.

As we reflect on the initiatives already concluded and look ahead to upcoming events, we are proud to stand with our Israeli friends and continue our commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all. Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to our community.

Shabbat Shalom,