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Dear Friends,

Hello again from Camp Kef Director, Jordan, to talk about summer camp! You’re probably thinking, “This guy is crazy, it’s February, why is he talking about camp!” To that I say, first, it’s always a good time to talk about camp, and second, we have launched something really exciting that I can’t wait to tell you about!

Camp planning is ramping up here at the J, and we are working on some incredible programming for this Summer. We realized that with all of the amazing components that make up Camp Kef, we needed some extra space to share it all.

So, without further ado…we are excited to announce…


Campkefjcc.com provides current, and prospective camp families a place to find detailed information about camp, Sample schedules, frequently asked questions, and more. Everything you’d want to know about camp can be found on our new website. We have even more exciting features launching soon including a Camp Kef SWAG STORE (next month!)

So take a few minutes and head on over to campkefjcc.com and explore!

See you at the J,
Jordan Bravato

PS. If you are interested in joining our incredible team for summer 2023, you can fill out a form to receive an application on our new website!