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K'ilu Kits


Dear Friends,

It has been said the Jewish month of Adar brings joy. Undoubtedly, this Adar has brought hope. As COVID cases drop, as weather warms, we at the JCC join all of you in contemplating a spring of reconnection, rebirth, and celebration. Between Purim in March and Passover in April, we are thrilled to offer the community a unique personification of this through a new partnership with an inspiring group of artists – the team at K’ilu Kits.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation, next month the Kaiserman JCC will embark upon an exciting new pilot project exploring the reinvention of Jewish ritual, and holiday observance, for families in this virtual / in-person / rollercoaster of a pandemic world. We couldn’t be happier to introduce the collaboration today, the team of artists, and what to look forward to over the course of the next several weeks.

  • Meet the K’ilu Kits Team: Join us for a the return of our annual Purim Fest, in partnership with the Kehillah of Lower Merion, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, and our other partners, where the artistic creators of K’ilu Kits will lead children and families on an action-packed interactive adventure bringing the story of Purim to life. Register here today for Purim Fest!
  • K’ilu in Action: In April, the K’ilu Kits team will make a special visit to the Robert J. Wilf Preschool and Kindergarten, inspiring students with an interactive Passover adventure, while providing our incredible group of educators with a special in-service training on activating the classroom through imaginative play. At our school we believe in a creative curriculum that allows student imagination to drive learning and exploration, and this collaboration will provide a catalyst to a season of exploring Jewish holidays in our classrooms in innovative ways.
  • Bring K’ilu Kits Home: In April, the Kaiserman JCC will offer two unique programs for our community to bring the spirit of K’ilu Kits into your homes. In addition to an in-person Passover Adventure program in partnership with Camp Kef on Sunday April 3, the entire Kasierman JCC family community will receive access to the at-home K’ilu Passover Adventure to bring the Seder to life through immersive audio design, music, interactive storytelling, and imagination. To prepare for your at-home adventure, we’ll also offer a virtual launch party (Date TBD) to provide all the details for you to use your K’ilu Kit at home. Stay tuned for more information, including registration information.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this spring, K’ilu Kits, and the Kaiserman JCC, are here to help you embrace this joyful season in a creative way. We can’t wait to see how it plays out!

Shabbat Shalom,