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Dear Friends,

I am really excited to introduce myself to you. My name is Rebecca Silvey and I am excited to be the new program coordinator for jBabies + jToddlers. jBabies + jToddlers new unique, community building opportunity for grownups and their children.

Each session will include engaging activities to get the grownups and the babies and toddlers moving together, playing and smiling, as well as important time for the grownups to get to know one another. Additionally, we will connect through our collective Jewish heritage to create a foundation for our community and friendships. As part of the series, we will also have a grownup-only class with an outside speaker who can provide information that is relevant for growing families. To close our series, we will celebrate a Shabbat together with our families as a full community.

As a new parent myself, I understand the difficulties and stresses that we are all trying to navigate in our early stages of parenthood. I am excited to work with all of you as we work to embrace our families during this awe-inspiring and often challenging, time of life. We hope that in spending time together with other families will help give us each a new community, strengthen our Jewish family traditions, and make us feel less alone. In the last 17 months since I had my first child, I’ve taken walks, had picnics, and texted and called other new parents almost every day. These interactions have helped me tackle the new hurdles that I face each day as parent and gives me perspective and patience to fully enjoy my new role and my child. I look forward to providing other families with the same connection, confidence, and sense of fulfillment.

Thank you to PJ Library and Harold Grinspoon Foundation for making this program possible through their PJ Library engagement grant.

We hope to see you when the program begins February 5 and 6.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rebecca Silvey,
jbabies + jtoddlers Program Coordinator