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Hoop House Hoopla - New Hoop House on our campus!


Dear Friends,

Many of us recently celebrated the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. A “harvest festival,” the occasion harkens back to an agrarian moment in the history of the Jewish people, involving among other commemorations the construction of a Sukkah, or a simple, temporary hut one might dwell in while harvesting a season’s crops. Last week the Kaiserman JCC kicked off our 50th year anniversary celebrations with a Fall Festival marking Sukkot, and later this month we will continue in this spirit with a similar gathering – the raising of a Hoop House, a kind of greenhouse, for our campus! The entire community, and in particular those willing to volunteer to help lend a hand with the construction, are invited to join us on October 30 from 11am – 2pm!

Thanks to a generous donation from the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, the new hoop house will serve as a centerpiece for learning on our campus. We are thrilled to be partnering with Perelman Jewish Day school on this endeavor, and we are inspired by the potential we see in this tool for instruction and engagement across our institutions. Like the rituals of Sukkot, Jewish tradition and culture are indebted to the relationship between humans and the Earth. In addition, so much teaching can be garnered from growing, tending, and harvesting fruits, plants, and everything that can grow around a hoop house. Finally, we see ample opportunity to engage our community as stewards and volunteers in this new space for many years to come.

All are invited to join us on October 30 to help with the construction, enjoy some kosher food, and participate in a series of activities associated with the season. We cannot wait to see the impact of this new hoop house on children in the Robert J. Wilf Preschool and Kindergarten, Camp Kef, and everyone in our community. Like Sukkot, it will serve as a gateway to experiencing the joy of fostering something new, unique, and special in the world with your hands and soul – a lesson we can all benefit from regularly.

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Shabbat Shalom,