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Diller Teen Fellow Philadelphia Update


Dear Friends,

This past Sunday Philadelphia’s Diller Teen Fellows took a deep dive into learning about Leadership. For some, leadership is a vague and amorphous concept that is widely used but rarely understood. The Fellows selected quotes from leaders from around the world and related their words to how they understand leadership. We discussed the tension between leading and following, how to consider everyone’s ideas equally and how to remain committed to leading, especially in challenging circumstances. We transitioned to learning about Collective Leadership which underscores the importance of relationships between group members rather than the hierarchy of one’s leadership position. Further, a leader should be less focused on solving all the answers and, instead, more committed to bettering the working process between group members.

The Fellows considered how these leadership skills will be used in their planning of their upcoming Leadership Shabbaton. During this Shabbaton Fellows are placed into committees and work together for a month to create a weekend experience for one another. The Fellows design a Shabbat experience for one another which includes Fellow-led programming, deepening of leadership skills, and, of course, a ton of fun. In this way, the Fellows get to practice collective leadership immediately after investigating the contours of leadership, how to effectively and mindfully lead, and what is Jewish about leading.
The Diller Staff looks forward to seeing what the Fellows create for one another this year for their Leadership Shabbaton!

If you know of a teen who would be interested in the Diller Teen Fellowship, please be in touch with Darren Rabinowitz, drabinowitz@phillyjcc.com to learn more about applying for next year’s cohort.

Shabbat Shalom,