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A wonderful end to the school year!


Dear Friends,

Yesterday I was gobsmacked watching the graduation of our students from the Robert J. Wilf Preschool & Kindergarten’s K-1 classroom. Their indefatigable lead teacher, Kimber, asked them – what was their favorite preschool memory? And boy did they have answers. Poignant, meaningful, tear-jerking, answers. And if you asked me? I couldn’t muster my favorite memory this week, let alone this year!

Maybe that’s because it’s been one incredible school year here at the Kaiserman JCC. If nothing else, this week served as a pretty great microcosm of all the joy, spirit, and learning. For example, this past Tuesday we welcomed 300 students, families, and alumni to join our end of year celebration. The energy was palpable, as we jammed, danced, and bopped with two of our school’s favorite musicians, the indubitable Mama and Papa Mac! We also happened to be honoring two of our amazing, and long-standing educators – Miss Tammy and Miss Marianne. Between the two, and their thirty-plus years teaching here, they’ve fostered so many vibrant classrooms, touched so many young lives, and catalyzed so many jaunts of discovery. We were all so in awe of the impact.

Between that – and all the moving up ceremonies – we saw what makes the Robert J. Wilf Preschool & Kindergarten so special. It’s all of you. Together, us all caring so much, bringing so much, giving so much, it’s a magical recipe.

Shabbat Shalom,