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Special Needs Inclusion Program

The Mildred Lasch Special Needs Inclusion Program

Campers with special needs are welcome at Camp Kef as part of our inclusion program. Campers in the program are placed in age-appropriate groups with qualified, trained one-on-one staff. The goal of this program is to help foster an inclusive environment, where neurodiverse campers and campers with disabilities are able to enjoy the full benefits of everything Camp Kef has to offer.  This program is tailored to support and facilitate social development, peer interaction, and independence through experiences. Campers in this program spend much of their day in their assigned bunks amongst their peers. During the admission process, families with neurodiverse campers and campers with disabilities meet directly with the camp director and Special Needs Inclusion Program coordinator to discuss the needs of their child and how we can best accommodate them at camp. After the initial meeting, should a camper be a good fit for a 1:1 staff member, they will be assigned a qualified and trained 1:1 staff member who will work with their child during the summer. The family will have the opportunity to meet this staff member prior to the start of camp and will remain in very close contact with them throughout the summer to ensure that their child is having the best possible experience over the summer.

This program is provided at no additional cost to the family of the camper and is subject to our admission process and availability of a qualified and trained staff member.

Please contact camp director, Jordan Bravato, to find out more about this program.

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We have partnered with The Social Enrichment Center for a new program for children with special needs in Kindergarten through Second Grade! Children in this program spend the morning (9am-12pm) with an SEC Staff member for their social skills bootcamp, and then join their Camp Kef Bunkmates for the remainder of the day as a part of the Camp Kef Mildred Lasch Special Needs Inclusion Program.

As a center for neurodiversity and emotional and behavioral needs, SEC is the resident expert on social skills and behavior management!

Help your child get comfortable with their peers and prepare for the rest of the day at Camp KEF by focusing on:

  • Starting conversations
  • Maintaining and building friendships
  • Being flexible with peers
  • Using coping skills
  • Emotional regulation

Want to find out more or sign-up for the program?

Please reach out through email: enrollment@socialenrichmentcenter.com