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Celebrating and Honoring Cindy Smukler and Jeffrey Barrack

Celebrating and Honoring Cindy Smukler and Jeffrey Barrack

Wednesday, June 5, 2024
6:00-8:30pm at the Kaiserman JCC

Please join us to celebrate and honor Cindy Smukler and Jeffrey Barrack for their longstanding leadership in our community and for their work strengthening our ties to Israel. Support the Kaiserman JCC’s mission to create fulfilling connections, enhance lives, and foster Jewish peoplehood through inspirational educational, cultural, and recreational programs. Help catalyze our next vibrant chapter of Jewish and Israeli programs as we provide witness, solidarity, and support to our partners from Sderot.

Event Chairs:
Bill and Paula Glazer
Chris and Irma Fralic

Sponsorship Ad Book Chairs:
Phil and Katie Grinnell
Brian and Simone Nadav
Billy and Jennie Katz

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Cindy and Jeff
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Alexa Adler and Charlie Morgan
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Ed and Jill Caine
Billy and Lindsay Cooper
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Rabbi Binyamin and Gevura Davis
Jeff Fisher and Liza Deringer
Omri and Amanda Dorani
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