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Adult Pickleball and Israeli Dancing Classes

Pickleball and Israeli Dancing

Adult Classes

Pickleball (advanced & beginner) and Israeli Dancing
(Registration is currently closed)


Pickleball classes are limited to 4 people per class.  More times may become available depending on interest.

A perfect opportunity to learn how to play pickleball in a small group setting.  By the end of the series you will understand the rules of the game and how to keep score. You will experience drills to increase your competency hitting the ball in all areas of the court and learn basic strategies to help you to succeed on the court and to be a good doubles partner.  If you don’t already own a pickleball paddle, the JCC will have one available for you to borrow.  Becoming a pickleball player at any skill level can be life changing!
Dates:Classes postponed – New Dates Coming Soon!

Have you played enough pickleball to no longer be a beginner?  Or, are you a skilled racquet or paddle sport athlete of any age who is ready to be on a fast track to learn the game?  Then this is the right class for you.  In a small group setting you’ll learn intermediate level strategies, practice different strokes & learn when to use them, improve your skills around the no volley zone (commonly known as the “kitchen”), and get coaching tips to allow you to play with more consistency.  Improving your game will make you a better partner and open opportunities to play with higher level players.
Dates: Classes postponed – New Dates Coming Soon!

Israeli Dancing

with Don Schillinger of RAK-DAN Entertainment

Do you love Israeli music or are you interested in hearing it?  Are you looking for an opportunity to take a dance class that isn’t overwhelming to someone with little or no prior dance experience?  Then don’t miss this series of classes!  Some classic and contemporary dances will be taught, and, in the process, you will learn the basic steps used to create Israeli Dances.  You will experience the joy of dancing, the intellectual experience of learning & recalling choreography, and the fun & social aspects of communal cultural dancing.
Dates: Class Postponed – New Dates Coming Soon!