June 2, 2020 -
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Youth Sports


Youth Sports @ the J

Active Kids = Happy Kids

At the Kaiserman JCC we offer a variety of co-ed, youth sports classes to keep your child healthy and active. More importantly, these classes are a great way to see what activities your child likes. Get them started early with one of our many youth sports programs.

All of our classes are designed to develop a child’s social and physical skills in a fun and safe environment.

  Winter Classes  


Experience the benefits of Taekwondo training including increased discipline, strength, coordination, flexibility and focus in our ongoing program for children and adults. Martial arts training is more than a sport; it is a way of life! At the end of each session, students will have the option to test for their next Color Belt. Testing is taught in accordance with the World Taekwondon Federation across over 170 countries – all experience levels welcome! We Are a Black Belt School. Taught by Abrielle Fuerst.


Yoga (Kids and Tween Classes)

Kids Yoga (K-5th Grade): Children will practice yoga poses, partner poses, challenging poses, breathing exercises and mindful activities in a fun way. They will go on age-appropriate yoga adventures and will learn techniques to help their bodies become stronger and more relaxed. Every class ends in a sweet relaxation and with a foot-rub... because kids LOVE that too!

Tween Yoga (10-13 Years Old):
 Tweens will practice yoga poses, partner poses, challenging poses, breathing exercises and mindful activities . They will learn techniques to help their bodies become healthier, stronger and more relaxed. They will be provided with tools to help them cope with the stress and confusion, navigate through the pressures academically, socially and emotionally and get a deeper understanding of themselves. Classes will include yoga and mindful games, restorative yoga and always end in relaxation.

Both classes are taught by Ofrit Gal Barash.


Family Yoga

Carve special family time on Sundays and come join us for Sunday Funday Family Yoga for families with children 3-10 year olds. Don't miss the opportunity to bond with your child through yoga poses, mindfulness activities and games. You will get to explore and experience fun partner poses with your child, play yoga games and then relax and unwind side by side. A treat to start the week!


Big Games Hoops Basketball Clinic

The mission of Big Game Hoops, LLC. is to provide a structured and safe environment where children of all ages and skill levels develop a passion and love for the game of basketball through high-quality instructional clinics and camps. The clinic is detail-oriented and individualized to meet the needs of every player regardless of skill or experience level. Coach Vernick also never misses an opportunity to weave positive “life lessons” into his Clinics. After each session, Coach always asks the players 3 simple questions: Did you work hard? Did you get better? Most Importantly, did you have fun?


Youth Basketball

In these classes, children learn and practice the fundamentals of Basketball in a non-competitive environment. The classes are fun and challenging. Basic skills and rules are taught in a structured, age appropriate environment. Classes are taught by certified Physical Education teacher, Lori Hummel. Lori has over 30 years of experience in teaching children sports basics. Lori’s fun and caring personality makes her classes the perfect start to an athletic career.



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