July 30, 2021 -
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Gymnastics is a very comprehensive sport that develops key physical and social skills such as balance, flexibility, coordination, spatial orientation, speed, strength, perseverance, confidence, patience, and self esteem. Gymnastics also provides a positive outlook toward physical activity and fosters a healthy lifestyle. Plus...kids love to flip and tumble!

Fall 2021 Registration will be posted and available Mid-August!


 Classes Start: April 19-21 | Last Week: June 14-16
 No classes: Shavuot - May 17 and 18;  Memorial Day - May 31

Mondays (7 weeks):

Class Time Registration Code
Kinderkids 4:30-5:30p PEGKINDKIDSM
Round off Rockets 5:45-6:45p PEGROR

$154 – Kids enrolled in JCC Kindergarten, KidsTime Academy, or Camp Kef
$189 – Community members

Tuesdays (8 weeks):

Class Time Registration Code
Kinderkids 4:30-5:30p PEGKINDKIDST
Tumbleweeds (2nd Grade) 5:45-6:45p PEGTWEEDST2

$176 – Kids enrolled in JCC Kindergarten, KidsTime Academy, or Camp Kef
$216 – Community members

Wednesdays (9 weeks):

Class Time Registration Code
Tumbleweeds (1st Grade) 4:30-5:30p PEGTWEEDSW1

$198 – Kids enrolled in JCC Kindergarten, KidsTime Academy, or Camp Kef
$243 – Community members

Little Kippers 4:30-5:55p PEGLILKIP
Aerials 5:45-7:15p PEGAERIALS

$261 – Kids enrolled in JCC Kindergarten, KidsTime Academy, or Camp Kef
$324 – Community members


Recreational Program

Our Recreational Program is specially designed to accommodate children in a friendly and non-competitive environment. Our classes provide the opportunity for kids to gain fundamental motor skill development while having lots of fun. Our instructors provide a positive, and encouraging experience, so kids feel special and proud of each new accomplishment while learning the basics of gymnastics. Children can enter our program when they are three years old and potty-trained. Read the class descriptions and choose the appropriate age group. Do not hesitate to call Valencia 610-896-7770 x 106 or gymnastics@phillyjcc.com with any questions. Also, transportation from area schools can be provided based on availability.

What to Wear
Your child should wear a leotard, a biketard, or a fitted t-shirt, that clings to the body when upside down, and fitted shorts, leggings, or yoga pants. No buttons, zippers, snaps, dangling earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or watches. Hair should be secured out of the face and feet should be bare. No socks or tights.

Tiny Tumblers
(Preschool | Ages 3-5)

This is a specifically designed preschool gymnastics program for boys and girls. Students are introduced to fun-filled, creative circuits and activities, which help develop motor skills, listening ability, and coordination. Children will be divided into groups based on age and ability & must be potty-trained to begin this class.

Little Kippers
(Ages 4-6)
This class is available by invitation only. Please contact Valencia, Gymnastics Director, at gymnastics@phillyjcc.com.

(Kindergarten | Ages 5-6)
Children learn progressive skills in gymnastics. Boys and girls are taught basic gymnastics skills that increase balance, strength and agility. Your child can experience the satisfaction that comes from mastering a new skill.  

(Grades 1 & 2)
The skill progression in this class is comparable to Kinderkids. Your child will experience an increase in coordination, muscle and skill development. 

Tumble Stars
(Grades 1 - 4)
This is an intermediate level class for children who have some proficiency with the basics and want more time to develop their strength, flexibility, and skills. To sign up for this class, your child should be able to do a backward roll, a handstand bridge, a cartwheel, a pullover on the bars, and run and punch the vault board with two feet. 

Round Off Rockets
(Grades 3 & 4)
Girls are taught the fundamentals of gymnastics and may be introduced to more advanced skills depending upon the students’ abilities and proficiency of the basics.

(Grades 5 & Up)
This class is designed for girls grades 5 and up. Extra class time allows for more intense work in skill development as well as strength and flexibility.

https://asoft4115.accrisoft.com/phillyjcc/clientuploads/_photos/Hina_gymshow.jpgTeam Program

Our Team Program is designed to prepare gymnasts for USAG competitions. Gymnasts first learn the necessary dance and acrobatic skills on the pre-competitive levels. Building on these skills they then learn the competitive routines they will perform at meets with gymnasts from other clubs in the region. Within the framework of positive reinforcement and encouragement, our coaches provide an opportunity for gymnasts to grow in skill level and confidence, creating an enriching experience that will add to their physical and social development. Extended hours offer team members time for additional practice on gymnastics skills. Time is also spent on  strength conditioning, endurance, and flexibility. Participation on a team is by invitation or scheduled tryout with our Gymnastics Director, Valencia Chang. For USAG levels 1 to 5.

Call 610-896-7770 x 106 or e-mail gymnastics@phillyjcc.com for details.

Other Gymnastics Options

Private gymnastics coaching is available. Call 610-896-7770 x 106 or email gymnastics@phillyjcc.com for details

Class Pricing Registration Code
Private Lessons One 1-hour session: $60
Six 1-hour sessions: