April 16, 2021 -
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Community Volunteer Opportunities

Tikkun Olam in the Time of Corona:
How You Can Help Create Supplies Needed to Beat COVID-19
Visit: facebook.com/pg/TikkunOlamMakers/posts/
Join the TOM ‘Maker Army’ and help create, deliver and share COVID-19 solutions to local communities that are desperately in need of medical supplies such as face shields, face masks, gowns, and hands-free door openers. We are looking volunteers to join or lead local Corona Response Teams (CRTs) who meet the following criteria: engineers, programmers, product designers or makers, strong leaders with a strong community organizing and entrepreneurial spirit and skills, and people who have access to makerspaces or 3D printers. 

Use your new indoor free time transcribing rare documents for the Library of Congress

Visit: timeout.com/newyork/news/use-your-new-indoor-free-time-transcribing-rare-documents-for-the-library-of-congress-031920?fbclid=IwAR1erQaL7SzwKxeMIy5CqVsHcdBwivx1pu73eE2pW19xE9zLYivxVjj0XkQ
It's easy to while away the hours inside your apartment watching feel-good shows or trying to make headway on some spring cleaning, but if you're looking to do contribute something, the Library of Congress will have you. The federal cultural institution is asking for help in transcribing thousands of significant written and typed documents, from Rosa Parks' writings to personal writings of the leaders of the Women's Suffrage Movement and more.

Sew a Face Mask!

Visit: deaconess.com/How-to-make-a-Face-Mask
Due to an outpouring of generous responses to our request for sewn masks, Deaconess has created this database to help connect individuals and companies making masks to those organizations needing masks.