December 12, 2018 -
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Rates and Fees


JCC members enjoy access to our outstanding facilities (pool, fitness center, gym) and member rates for classes and programs. Our fees also include the cost of special school programs/trips as well as our Healthy Snack Program. Preschool children will participate in the following activities each week: Physical Education, Music, Creative Movement and Instructional Swim Classes (2 year olds will have a parent and child swim class that begins in the spring). Families already enrolled in a family membership will have the fee deducted from the total tuition.

Current Rates 2018-2019


Infant/Toddler Rooms


5 Full days


5 Half days




2, 3 and 4 Year Olds 


5 Full days 


5 Half days


3 Full days


3 Half days


3 Full days & 2 Half days


2 Full days & 3 Half days






5 Full days




Sibling Discount 




Early Care 


5 Days per week 


3 Days per week






Late Care 


5 Days per Week


3 Days per Week 



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Payment Plan
Payment can be made by check or credit card. Installment plans are only available if secured by a valid credit card. Children will not be permitted to begin school without a payment plan on file. In order to keep our accounts current, please check your records and provide us with any changes to your address, phone numbers, emergency contacts and credit card changes and expiration dates. Fees/payment questions can be directed to Julie Berg, Accounts Receivable, at ext 130 or by email at

Scholarship Information
While we keep our tuition as low as possible, we recognize that some families may need financial assistance. Generous scholarships are available for our preschool to assist with the cost of membership. If you need financial assistance for children 3 and 4 years of age, applications for partial scholarships are available online at

For more information, contact Amy Foster at (610) 896-7770 x 118 or by email at  Please be assured that all information is strictly confidential.  Click here for the JCC scholarship application.