September 20, 2021 -
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Parenting Workshops

Parenting Workshops

Family Programming @ the J

  Led by Lee Ann Shore RN. BSN.   

New Parents Workshops will be facilitated by Lee Ann Shore RN BSN CLC of BabySenseRN. Lee Ann is an experienced pediatric/neonatal nurse and Certified Lactation Counselor. These are not your typical classes and are designed to be a resource for new parents. Our judgment free atmosphere will make you feel at ease and answer all your questions. Topics will include:


Empowering the Partner
Typically (and naturally), most of the focus is placed on the partner carrying the baby, right? This class focuses on the other partner. We will have open, honest discussion and cover topics such as: How can I bond with the baby, how best to be a supportive partner,your relationship after baby, and navigating the 4th trimester.

• This class is offered monthly (need only to attend once)
• Wednesdays; 7:30pm. First Class is December 16, 2015
• $45 per partner

New Mom Weekly Meet-up
Looking for some mommy friends to connect with? Join us every week to chat, vent, support each other, and learn! Each meet-up, we will have the chance to connect and learn/discuss a specific topic with each other and with occasional guest speakers. Sample topics: making baby food, Infant sleep, negotiating relationships with family and partners, Infant massage. ALL mothers are welcome – this is a judgment-free zone!

• This class is offered weekly for a six week session.
• Wednesdays; 10am-noon. First class is January 6, 2016
• $25 per class or $140 for the 6 week series

Breastfeeding: Reality, Myth and Troubleshooting the First Few Weeks
Come and learn the basics of breastfeeding: how/why/what your body is doing during pregnancy to prepare, what happens post-delivery, how to troubleshoot common issues, and know when to ask for help. We will debunk common breastfeeding myths, learn, empower and actually have fun.

• This class is offered monthly (need only to attend once) and is recommended prior to delivery.
• Tuesdays; 6:30pm. First class is December 15, 2015
• $45 per person

Check our website for more details on class times and pricing. For more information from Lee Ann Shore, email

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