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Year-Round Pool to Return to Kaiserman JCC
Jewish Exponent, Article by Selah Maya Zighelboim
Published Thursday, September 20, 2018
gym and a sauna and a steam room and the track and the gym and all of those other pieces of the puzzle that you have at your disposal. The people look for that sense of community, and they are really excited about being able to come back here and connect to the Jewish community in a way that they had for many years.”

When Krulik took the JCC’s reins in January 2017, she immediately got to work researching a solution to the pool problem and looking at different options, but the options she looked at either didn’t make sense for the size or were too expensive.

Krulik came across an answer by accident, when a security consultant offered by way of advice that she should look into getting a tent.

Krulik looked into it and got in touch with EventQuip about building a tent for the pool.

Drawing of the tent | Photo provided

The tent should be up by the end of the year, Krulik said. A steel structure will encase the pool all year, and EventQuip will put up the vinyl tent for October and take it down for May. The tent will not cover the toddler pool.

The most important consideration in the installation of this tent is making sure it’s safe, said Alan Pavlik, senior project manager at EventQuip. The tent is designed to be weather-resistant and to withstand winds up to 75 or 80 miles per hour.

Pavlik said EventQuip does one or two projects a year that are as long-term as the tent for the Kaiserman JCC pool.

“The main difference is it’s over top of a pool,” Pavlik said. “It’s going to be used for the wintertime. Usually, [clients] put it up for the summertime, for the summer season to do weddings, things like that. This one is uniquely for the wintertime for the continued operation of the pool and everybody swimming.”

The tent will be mostly opaque with some clear panels, Krulik said. It will also have heating and lighting.

Though the outdoor pool was popular with the summer campers, Krulik noted, it meant the end of the community institution and all its programming from mid-September to mid-May.

A tent means the outdoor pool will stay for future summers, while allowing accessibility to the pool in the other seasons.

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