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Year-Round Pool to Return to Kaiserman JCC
Jewish Exponent, Article by Selah Maya Zighelboim
Published Thursday, September 20, 2018

Camper Madelyn Sylvester swims in the outdoor pool. | Photo provided

Amy Krulik has a lot of memories of hours spent sitting on the deck while she watched her children learning how to swim, working as lifeguards and just growing up at the Kaiserman JCC pool.

Until about five years ago, the JCC had an indoor pool — instead of the current outdoor pool — where the community center offered a variety of different programming throughout the seasons, including an intramural swim team, a preschool swim program, an aquatics fitness program, special events and pool parties. Unlike many community pools, the JCC also had designated times for men-only and women-only swimming.

Krulik, the JCC’s CEO, is looking forward to giving these same year-round opportunities to families once again.

By 2019, the Kaiserman JCC plans to have a tent installed over the pool, barring any weather-related or unforeseen obstacles. This will allow programming to return to the pool during the fall, winter and spring, in addition to the summer.

“To be able to bring all of that [programming] back to the JCC would be hugely important to us organizationally but [also] us as a community,” Krulik said. “It’s an incredible community resource, and it was always the heart of the JCC. Not having that resource has been really challenging. I’m very excited that there is this solution that’s just so close.”

In 2013, a leak in the pool building roof led to the discovery that the 1955 structure no longer met building codes. Lower Merion Township wouldn’t allow the roof to just be repaired. It wanted the whole structure rebuilt, a costly project.

After much deliberation, the Kaiserman JCC made the decision to remove the building and instead have an outdoor pool, accessible only in the summer.

The JCC lost 40 percent of its membership. Many of those members left for other pools that are open all year.

Some of those former members have stayed in touch with the JCC and have told Krulik they look forward to becoming members again when the pool is available year-round.

“They miss the sense of community, the camaraderie, their friends,” Krulik said. “When you’re a member of the JCC, it’s not only about the pool. There’s a fitness

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