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Philadelphia Machers Share Their 2018 Resolutions
Jewish Exponent, Article by Selah Maya Zighelboim
Published Wednesday, January 3, 2018

You make that New Year’s resolution to exercise more, and then by February — let alone by the end of the year — you’ve let that expensive gym membership go to waste.

So for a little inspiration to forestall the inevitable, the Jewish Exponent asked some our community’s machers to share their New Year’s resolutions. Whether they shared a professional goal, such as advocating for civil rights, or something more personal like trying new recipes or writing more, we hope some of these resolutions are a bit more attainable than our own.

Amy Krulik, CEO, Kaiserman JCC

“I have two resolutions for 2018: My personal resolution is try out at least one new recipe every month, and my professional resolution is to continue the great progress the Kaiserman JCC made in 2018 by bringing back year-round swimming by putting a seasonal bubble on our pool.”

Jon Grabelle Herrmann, executive director, USA250

“One of the biggest challenges for the United States’ 250th anniversary initiative is making sure that each American individual, family and community feels that their story is visibly connected to the nation’s story, in the eyes of the broader public. My New Year’s resolution for 2018 is for us to begin weaving that narrative, so that our society sees a full reflection of who we are and where we can go together.”

Naomi Adler, president and CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

“In 2018, Israel turns 70 years old — a significant milestone for both the Israeli and Jewish communities across the world. My resolution is to ensure that all our programming during this year illustrates our communities’ love, respect and deep ties with Israel as well as pays tribute to the diversity of the Israeli population, and explores the multiplicity of viewpoints involved.”

Sam Katz, executive producer, History Making Productions

“My No. 1 New Year’s resolution is to have a lot of great fun with my grandchildren. I am sure that if I do, 2018 will have been a terrific year.”

Vered Nohi, executive director, Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

“My hope is that in the next year we’ll be able to increase connections among Israeli and Philadelphian innovators and facilitate not only commerce, but also friendships and relations, building bridges through commerce and innovation.”

Allan Domb, Philadelphia City Councilman-At-Large

“In my capacity as city councilman, my New Year’s resolution is to, this year, put in place the collection of all delinquent taxes and make the City of Philadelphia more efficient. My New Year’s resolution in the real estate world is to continue to see new residents come to our city, especially

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