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L'Dor v'Dor (From Generation to Generation)
Published Friday, January 15, 2016 2:00 am

The Shander Family is a perfect example of how multiple generations of a family get and stay involved at the JCC. When the Kaiserman JCC opened in the early 1970s the Shanders were first in line to join.  Lois and Bernie were anxious for a place for their sons Neil and Kenny to have a place to be with their family.  Neil quickly joined the swim team and began working as a lifeguard. Bernie was a frequent volunteer and played tennis at the J.

Lois had been a dietitian at Kensington High School and was volunteering with the Home & School Association.  That's when Neil came home and told hims mom that they could use her help working part time at the new JCC.  So Lois met with the Director and began her 40 year career at the JCC.

The job was meant to be a part time job working the Control Desk handing out towels, locks and signing people in. At that time the JCC had a swimming pool, tennis courts(where the basketball gym is now) and a fitness center. Soon after came the preschool and day camp. In January of 1991 the JCC expanded its services and connected the outer buildings onto the fitness center.  Lois was asked to work full time for just a year to help handle expanded services.  Ten years later she finally went back to her preferred part time where she remained until Jan 8, 2016 when she retired.

The Shander attachment to the JCC is by no means only a Lois love affair.  Her younger son Kenny was a sometime/part time employee as a young adult while older son Neil added camp counselor to his list of JCC jobs.  As the boys grew up and eventually married they added the 3rd generation to the JCC. All 5 grandchildren went to the JCC camp and preschool!

Kenny & Peggy's triplets, Jason, Michael and Nick (22), all worked at camp. In fact, Michael & Nick still work at camp. (Jason is currently living and working in NYC).  Nick currently is an Asst teacher in the preschool with the same teacher (Miss Tammy) that taught him as a student!  Neil & Cheryl's kids Jessica (20) and Marissa (18) added JCC Maccabi Games (soccer) to their list of activities at the J. The triplets mom Peggy is still a popular aerobics teacher here. As a matter of fact, Jason, Nick, Michael and Marissa all had their 1st birthday parties at the J.

The Shander's are a true lifelong JCC family.  Bernie and Lois are on their way to FLA for a month or so and then plan to take some classes together and most likely....return to the JCC as a volunteer.  We will see you soon Lois!

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