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Camp Kef and Circus of the Kids
Published Friday, November 13, 2015

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about the Circus program at Camp.  Our son gained confidence and was challenged to do extraordinary things—tightrope walking and jumping through fire-- under the direct supervision of a professional staff of performers.  And most importantly, Simon had a blast!"  --Harwood Family

Circus of the Kids is an unbelievable program offered by Camp Kef each summer.  It is exactly what is sounds like.., campers performing circus acts under the big top! The program is completely unique and teaches campers new skills and while helping them develop confidence and self esteem.  

To watch the campers at auditions, barely able to lift themselves on a rope or walk on a ball, and in a short period of time watch them perform the ‘death drop’ or walk the ball with someone on their shoulders is really something.  

Circus is hard work.  After the 2nd day of tough practices, campers are tired and sore.  Then on day 3, they receive their costumes and all of a sudden, all the aches and pains go away and it is show time! In less than one week, our campers learn their acts, practice hard and put on the greatest show ever!  

Camp Kef at the J offers Circus of the Kids camp on week 8 of our camp season.  This way, the last memory campers have before going home at the end of the summer is Circus. Please go to our Kaiserman JCC Facebook page and check out the camp pictures from the 2015 Season of Camp Kef Week 8.  The photos and short video say it all!

To speak with Marci Rubin, Camp Kef Director, about Circus Camp 2016 or our many other summer day camp experiences, email her at