October 24, 2021 -
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Rules of the J


Membership Services/Benefits
Our members value the uniqueness of a community center that integrates Jewish programming with athletic and recreational activities, in a convenient location. Few programs can match the professionalism, organization and commitment of the JCC and its staff. The Kaiserman JCC members enjoy access to our outstanding facilities and programs. Members also receive discounts and priority registration for classes and programs. Below are the rules and regulations that accompany membership.


Guest Policy
- Members must be 18 to bring a guest
- If member is not 18, accompanying guest must be at least 18 years to enter.
- $10/adult; $5/children 11 and under
- Members may bring a maximum of 2 guests at any one time.
- Guests must be accompanied by a JCC athletic member while using the facility.
- On weekends, guests are welcome after 10:00 am.
- Members wishing to bring a guest to the facility on a Saturday (Shabbat) must make all arrangements and pay all fees in advance. We do not accept money on Shabbat. 
- Guests are held to the same standard of conduct as members of the JCC. We will ask guests to leave if their conduct is deemed inappropriate by a member of the supervisory staff. Under these circumstances, the JCC will not refund any paid guest fees.
- The JCC reserves the right to change or cancel this Guest Policy at any time.. 


Extended Guest Policy

To accommodate out-of-town visitors, an Extended Guest Pass is available for one month at $79 per person.  We define an out-of-town guest as someone who lives more than 75 miles from the Kaiserman JCC.

For out-of-town guests who hold valid JCC memberships in their own cities, the first two weeks at the Kaiserman JCC are free.


Membership Cancellations

All members, regardless of membership type, must give 30 days written notice to cancel a membership. Members will be required to pay membership dues for these months while your cancellation is being processed. You are welcome to continue to use the facility until your membership is cancelled. NO REFUNDS GIVEN.


Cancellations and Refunds

CANCELLATIONS: A program with insufficient enrollment will be cancelled and the entire fee refunded.  If a class appears under-enrolled, the JCC will attempt to advise registrants one week in advance.

REFUNDS:  If you cancel your class registration prior to the first class, you will receive an 80% refund in the form of a credit on your account at the JCC.  If you cancel after the first class has met, you will receive a 60% credit on your JCC account. No refunds will be given after the class has met two or more times. Credits issued for programs and classes must be used within one year.


Payment Policy

MEMBERSHIP DUES: Dues and registration fees are not refundable or transferable except under extraordinary circumstances as determined by the JCC. Membership fees paid in one lump sum are payable by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Memberships with monthly installment plans are payable by credit or debit card only. There is a $30 fee for all returned checks.  If a check is returned or if we are unable to process your credit card payments, you will be denied access to the JCC until payment arrangements are made.

CLASSES: Upon registering for classes, payment must be made in full. We do not accept post dated checks.



Members that refer someone to the JCC who becomes a member will receive a $25 credit on their account to use towards classes or programs.


Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for Preschool, Camp, Kids Time and Membership on a limited basis. You may request a financial aid packet at the Member Services office. Please allow up to two months to process.


Membership ID Policy

Be Prepared to Show Your ID Tag! For security purposes, you MUST bring your membership ID (key fob) to each and every visit to the JCC. If you lose your fob, replacement fobs are available at Member Services for a $5 fee. Forgot your key fob?  You must provide a photo ID in order to enter the facility and sign in at the Reception Desk.


Policy on Children, Including After-School & Holidays

No one under the age of 12 is permitted to be in the Kaiserman JCC without adult supervision. Kids Time is available for those children who need after-school care or transitional care between the end of the school day and the beginning of a JCC class or activity.  For security purposes, we request that all children be walked into the building by an adult before and after classes.


Freezing Memberships

We will freeze a membership for medical reasons once a doctor’s note is submitted with dates of injury, surgery, etc. We cannot honor requests for membership extensions more than two weeks after medical emergency has occurred. We cannot freeze one person on a membership (account freeze applies to entire family). We cannot freeze Family or Single Parent memberships if a child is enrolled in our preschool. You may freeze a membership for work related travel purposes when traveling for a period of more than 3 months.

You must be this age to...

Be in the JCC without an adult.................12+

Use the Fitness Center...........................14+

Use the fitness center during Teen Time...11-13

Join in Group Fitness Classes..................14+

Bring Guests.........................................18+

Swim without an adult present.................8+

Swim without adult IN water.....................6+

Use Steam Room, Sauna, Whirlpool........18+

Use HydroMassage Bed..........................18+


Discount on Programs and Memberships

The Kaiserman JCC offers various discounts on memberships and programs/services. Please check with Member Services to receive a current list of all participating organizations eligible for a discount.


Suspension and/or Revocation of Membership

Members and others who use the facilities and privileges of the Kaiserman JCC shall be subject to the rules, regulations and by-laws of the JCC.  Membership may be suspended and/or terminated at anytime for non-payment of membership fees, or for conduct contrary to our purposes or policies. If you are cancelled for non-payment, you must pay all past due fees in order to be reinstated.


Facility Regulations

-The JCC strongly recommends that individuals consult their physician before engaging in physical activity. We reserve the right to ask for medical clearance if our staff deems it necessary.

-Children ages 5 and older are not permitted in opposite sex locker rooms. A family changing room is available.

-Food, gum and drinks are not permitted in the gym, pool, locker rooms or fitness room.  Water is permitted in plastic bottles.

-Parents are invited to observe classroom programs on the designated “parent visitation” times but are not permitted in classrooms at other times.

-Please bring your own towels and locks.  Locks may not be left on lockers overnight unless you have purchased a locker. Lockers, locks and towels are available for purchase at the Reception desk. The JCC is not responsible for articles lost or stolen. For your own protection, please keep your locker locked. 


Membership Agreement

All members agree to release the Kaiserman JCC, its officers, directors, employees, agents, contract instructors, any of its program participants, equipment and facility donors and providers, from any and all responsibilities or liability for any injuries, damage or loss that might be sustained while participating in any program or exercise or while on the Kaiserman JCC campus. Members agree to release  any photos taken of them to the Kaiserman JCC for promotional purposes.


Snow Closings

For closings due to inclement weather, listen to KYW (1060 AM) radio.  The Kaiserman code is 2389, preschool is 404 and Bed Heads/Kids Time is 302. For additional information on snow closings, call our main number at 610-896-7770.


Shabbat Policy

The Kaiserman JCC is a Jewish communal agency and all activities held on Shabbat are in accordance with the nature of the day.  All payments, including guest fees, must be arranged in advance. We DO NOT accept money on Shabbat.


Kashrut Policy

All food products brought into the Kaiserman JCC must be kosher or dairy. This includes food purchased, already prepared or brought from home.  If you have any questions, please check with Member Services.


Smoke-Free Policy

The Kaiserman JCC is a smoke-free facility. We ask that you do not smoke on campus grounds.



There is ample parking throughout the campus in the front and back lots.  Please park in designated, legal spots only.  Cars will be ticketed and/or towed if they are parked illegally or unlawfully impede the flow of traffic.  Please do not park in Handicapped Only spaces without proper permits.


Handicap Policy

Upon request and whenever practical, the programs and activities offered on the second floor will be made available to the disabled on the ground floor.


Guest Policy
- Members must be 18 to bring a guest or 
guest must be 18 or older.
(Guest must be at least 18 if member is not.)
- Fees are $10 for adults; $5 for children 
11 and under.
- Guests may use the JCC facility a
MAXIMUM of 3 times per year.
- Members may bring a maximum of 2
guests at any one time.
- All guests must be accompanied by a
JCC athletic member while using the facility.
- On weekends, guests are welcome after
- Members wishing to bring a guest to
the facility on a Saturday (Shabbat) must
make all arrangements and pay all fees
in advance. We do not accept money on
- Guests are held to the same standard
of conduct as members of the JCC. We
will ask guests to leave if their conduct
is deemed inappropriate by a member
of the supervisory staff. Under these
circumstances, the JCC will not refund
any paid guest fees.
- The JCC reserves the right to change or
cancel this Guest Policy.