July 5, 2020 -
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Loving Life @ the J


Meet the GratnsMeet the Grants

Talk about fun-loving...

Mom and Dad, Emily & Jared Grant, and brother and sister, Max & Eva, are a vivacious family with a healthy appetite for staying active and having a good time as a family.

Originally from Iowa, Jared and Emily joined the JCC two years ago to enroll their son Max in the Kids Time After-School program.

Ever since, they've been taking full advantage of all the options available to them at the J. Both Max and Eva are Camp Kef campers, Eva flips & tumbles in gymnastics classes, while mom spins as often as possible.

As a family they like to watch movies, go to the Franklin Institute, and play tennis together. This adventure seeking family also enjoys time away from it all in exotic locations like Belize.

The J has helped them settle into life on the Main Line quite well over the past two years.

Lightning Round Questions:

Q. What superpower would you have? Mom: ability to fly, Dad: regenerative ability, Max: telekinesis, Eva: super speed

Q. Favorite Movie? Family: How to Train Your Dragon

Q. Favorite Restaurant? Family: White Dog Café


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