August 16, 2018 -
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Jewish Learning

    Tourism in Israel - Must do activities

      See what to do and where to go in Israel!




TuB'Shvat - Jewish Arbor Day

Learn what this holiday means to the state Israel and what types of activities we do to celebrate!



Purim - Celebrate the Freedom of the Jewish People

Learn why this holiday means so much to the jewish community and what the festivities include.


Pesach in Israel - Explore the Passover holiday in its native land

See what laws and customs are observed and why the holiday is important to jews all over the world!

Yom Hazikaron - Honoring Israel's fallen soldiers

Explore how the state of Israel celebrates and pays tribute on it's Memorial Day.


Yom Ha'atzmaut - Celebrating Israel's Independence

Learn about the celebrations behind Israel's declaration of independence!