November 26, 2020 -
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Spring Break Camp

P.L.A.Y Spring Break Camp

April 6 & 7 | Children in Grades K-5

Spring Break P.L.A.Y. Camp is here!
What is P.L.A.Y.?
P.L.A.Y. is playing, learning, active you!

Schools are closed, so we’re ready to get out there and P.L.A.Y. Through exhilarating, challenging and rewarding interactive programs, your kids will spend two days climbing, jumping, running, and throwing! What better way to spend a week off from school than with us? K-6 programs are available for campers ages 5–12! On Monday, we stay at the J for Kidventures very own Kidlympics. On Tuesday we head to Wynnewood Valley Park for hiking and a picnic.. Join us for two days of P.L.A.Y. this Spring break!

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Jordan Bravato
Phone: (610) 896-7770 x121