October 24, 2021 -
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Personal Training

At this time, all Personal Training is being done virtually!

Please email info@phillyjcc.com to coordinate Virtual Personal Training!

Also, check out alternate fitness options from the J!

Personal training sessions allow you to get a personalized and specialized workout designed to get the results you want. We will match you with a trainer who will design a program around your personal fitness needs. Each program includes a fitness evaluation, instruction on equipment use, goal setting, encouragement, and motivation.

10 Reasons to work with a Personal Trainer

  1. You’re not seeing results
  2. You don’t know where to start
  3. You’re bored with the same old workouts
  4. You need to be challenged
  5. You want to lean how to exercise on your own
  6. You need accountability & motivation
  7. You have a specific illness, injury or condition
  8. You’re training for a specific sport or event
  9. You want supervision & support during workouts
  10. You want to learn exercises that you can do at home


During a typical training session, you will perform exercises to develop muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. Depending on the goals you set with your trainer, you will also perform activities to develop coordination, balance, power, and agility. Our trainers possess a variety of skills that provide you with many options to keep your workouts challenging AND fun!

If you are interested in modifying your lifestyle outside of the gym, just ask! Our trainers are educated in weight management and can discuss gain, loss, proper diet, and current nutrition facts with you.

In addition, we have personalized training for our young members! Trainers use equipment such as stability balls, bands/tubing, and free weights to familiarize our younger members with equipment and teach them the importance of a regimented workout.

It's easy to arrange for a personal training session! You can sign up at the Member Services Desk or through our Fitness Director, or call (610) 896-7770 x114

Prices for our personal training sessions are as follows:

Members – Hourly Rates:
1 hour = $65 

3 hours = $195
5 hours = $325
10 hours = $615 (save $35)
20 hours = $1,195 (save $105)

Non-members – Hourly Rates
1 hour = $98 
3 hours = $294
5 hours = $490
10 hours = $930 (save $50)
20 hours = $1,800 (save $160)

Teen Personal Training

Does your teen want to truly enhance performance?

Teens of 15-18 years old can master their skills with one of our Personal Trainers.  Be ready to take on the competition with one-on-one training to improve:

Strength           Endurance

Agility              Speed

Balance           Flexibility

Sign-up at Member Services to work with your very own Personal Trainer. 
Half hour and one-hour sessions available (sold in one-hour increments). 
Visit phillyjcc.com/trainers to read about our trainers.