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Group Fitness Classes

The Group Fitness department at the Kaiserman JCC offers a well-balanced, fun-filled program suitable for all fitness levels. Classes range from beginner to high intensity and are taught by certified group exercise instructors who are dedicated to maintaining a high quality class experience. Whether you are a first time participant or a seasoned pro, we've got a class for you. Come experience the warm, friendly, non intimidating atmosphere that makes the JCC group fitness classes so special.

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1. Proper athletic shoes or sneakers must be worn during aerobics class.
2. Minimum age is 16 years to participate.
3. Small children are not permitted in the group fitness room during class.
4. No one is permitted to enter class more than 10 minutes after class begins.

All group fitness classes listed here are FREE to members!*

3C: Cardio/Chisel/CoreTM
Combines cardio, strengthening & toning, and core work for a complete high intensity workout.  Many types of fitness equipment are used during each class in order to develop various muscles. Increase your endurance, strength, and flexibility while you boost your metabolism and energy  to burn off extra body fat with other hard working fitness fanatics.

Barre Fitness
Fusing the best elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga for a truly unique, exercise experience. Barre Fitness focuses on small, pulsing movements with emphasis on form, postural alignment and core engagement.  Be ready for a full body workout using isometric exercises to develop ballerina beauty for your arms, core and legs. 

Body Plus
The total body workout to get toned and fit – FAST! Using moderate to heavy weights, both hand weights and Pump-style barbells,the manyrepetitions, along with your own body weight and intense cardio exercises, create a rigorous workout.  Suggested for those who are ‘hardcore’ fitness enthusiasts.

Body Sculpt & Tone
Strengthen and tone your entire body using a variety of resistance equipment such as hand weights, weighted balls, tubing, and your own body weight. Shape, define, and boost your metabolism.

Boot Camp
Ready for an intense, total body workout using high impact cardio, strength training, and military-style drills? Push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Benefits include:increased cardiovascular efficiency, increased strength, and loss of body fat.You will feel invigorated afterwards!

Boomer Boot Camp
This class is designed to accommodate the 50+ crowd and/or those who have not kept up with their fitness goals. Enjoy the camaraderie of folks like youas you get back into a fitness routine. Your coach will work your entire body boot camp-style and show modifications where necessary.

Burn & Firm: Cardio Circuit
Non-stop action from start to finish!  Intense cardio/aerobic intervals incorporated with weight training, core exercises and stretching.  Embrace the positive results as you chisel away the unwanted body fat while you build and strengthen muscles.

Cardio 360
This class fuses elements of dance, kickboxing, boot camp, strength training, and core work. Exercise your whole body and increase your endurance and energy in a fun workout that challenges each participant to do his/her best.

Cardio Dance
This workout is infused with all different styles of dance and music. The class provides low impact exercise; working your entire body.  You will have so much fun dancing with your friends; you won’t even know that you are working out!

Cardio Kickboxing
Along with lively music,use calisthenics, punching and kicking techniques for a fun, high intensity cardio kickboxing workout. This high impact class is open to all levels – everyone works at their own pace.

Cardio Kickboxing Boot Camp 
High energy/high impact class that combines aerobic-style kickboxing with intense boot camp-style drills, such as running, push-ups and various other calisthenics. You will get a total body workout and feel great afterwards.

Cardio Pop
Cardio Pop is a fun, high energy dance fitness class that will make you feel like a teenager again. Easy flowing choreography while getting your work out... Just follow the dynamic instructor. Nonstop dancing for 50 minutes to Top 40-music. Suitable for all levels.

Cardio Sculpt 
This workout alternates between intense cardio drills and strength training intervals to chisel away at unwanted body fat and build lean muscle mass. The training session is designed to burn maximum calories.  Suggested for those who are looking for a high level fitness workout.

Core & More 
A fun and empowering, 45–minute class primarily focusing on one’s core body.Classes begin with a warm up focusing on postural strength and alignment, followed by a series of total core exercises using hand weights, yoga and stability balls, resistance bands and floor exercise mats.  Remember that we utilize our core muscles in everything we do.  This class is sure to strengthen and tone them for you!

Functional Fitness
Class is designed to get the body moving with light movement, light weights, stretching and balancing exercises.Enjoy a workout with people who have a common goal; to stay active and fit!  Excellent for seniors.

Cardio Hip Hop
Come and workout with renown,hip-hop instructor, Ricky.Let yourself go!  The moves are easy to follow, as they are broken down in easy to remember segments.You will feel invigorated and have fun getting down with fellow class members.

HIIT Cardio
This class works your body & mind through a high-intensity interval class that fuses elements of kickboxing, Boot Camp, strength training, and core work. Exercise your whole body and increase your endurance in a fun, high energy workout that challenges each participant to do his/her best.

HIIT Cycle & Abs/Stretch
Enjoy a high intensity spin class.  Then hop off the bike to finish with abdominal work and a great stretch.  Cardio and core; who could ask for more?

L.I.F.E. (Low Impact Fitness Experience)
A moderately paced, low impact aerobic class consisting of fun, basic aerobics, light toning and strengthening as well as a nice cool down and stretch.  Taught by Silver Sneaker certified instructors.

Pilates Fusion / Advanced Pilates
Based off of the teachings of Joseph Pilates, the technique used involves proper breathing and control over various muscles.  By using set patterns of movement in limited repetitions, the workout both physically and mentally conditions the body.  These classes are designed to strengthen and stretch the core musculature/abdomen and torso.

“If you want results, you have got to work for it!”  This high rep, high intensity barbell-based program utilizes greater repetitions with lighter weight to get that lean, sculpted muscle that you want. Burn calories and shed fat at a rapid pace while listening to today’s hot music tracks.

Silver SneakersTM
Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase strength, range of movement, and activity for daily skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and balls are offered for resistance. A chair is used for seated and/or standing support.

This cardio class is done on specially designed stationary bikes.  Participants are guided through intervals simulating outdoor bicycle riding by increasing and decreasing tension, standing, sitting, sprinting and climbing hills.  You will get a great overall workout!

Spin & Tone
This class will consist of 30 minutes of an intense spin ride followed with upper bodywork and stretching.

Spin & Sing
Sing along to favorite tunes as you get a great spin workout. The themed playlist changes each week. You should know that the instructor takes requests for the following week’s class! (See Spin description above)

Suspension training allows you to use your own body weight and resistance to perform hundreds of exercises that “build strength, burn fat and improve heart health.”  It is proven that you will see increases in your flexibility, core stability, and endurance. Sign-up Required – Space is Limited!

Ultimate Conditioning
Experience a workout alternating between intense cardio drills and strength training intervals. This overall body training session is designed to burn maximum calories!  Suggested for those who are looking for the “ultimate” fitness experience. 

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa classes use the flowing Vinyasa movement of Ashtanga yoga; but by using a variety of postures it cultivates balance, flexibility, strength and endurance.  This class is lead long time yoga enthusiast, Larry Cohan.

Get your day started with a total mind and body workout! This class will improve functional strength, flexibility, muscle balance and relaxation. Suitable for all levels.NOTE: Instructor Cari Reilly also offers personal training sessions in Therapeutic Yoga practices. Strength & Stretch

What an awesome workout! This class fuses Latin rhythms and easy moves to create a dance class that will blow you away! You willhave the time of your life with great people as youburn fat, calories and tone up; while not even realizing it! All levels and ages are welcome.

Classes in Red: Appropriate for Active Adults

* Guests may purchase Group FitnessClass passes:
$15/ 1-session or Class Pass Discount Card of $120/ 10-sessions